Treatment by Infrared Rays

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It has long been thought that infrared rays could be beneficial to the body’s well-being but until recently, medical scientists did not know how they could apply the rays with safety. That though has all changed due to the introduction of an infrared pad which is marketed as a Biomat. The Biomat has undergone many stringent tests to ascertain its safety and also that it can achieve all that it claims and after those tests and the millions of dollars invested in them, the Biomats were approved for use by the general public, by the FDA. This means that not only can they be used by medical staff but they can also be used by anyone in their own home.

The Infrared pads have proven to be effective in improving someone’s well-being due to the fact that they can penetrate deep into the body’s tissues, reaching areas few other treatments can. This therefore helps to improve relaxation in the muscles and the circulation of the blood, both of which help and encourage a good night’s sleep. The ability to penetrate deep has also proven effective in relieving back pain, joint pains, muscles pains and arthritis.

The fact that these infrared pads can relieve pain without the use of medications has impressed many doctors that would rather not prescribe medications due to the side effects that are often associated with them. Of course the patients also prefer not to take as many medications, especially as some of them can be quite expensive.

As well as medical staff using these infrared pads more frequently, a growing number of individuals are buying them for use in their homes. The convenience of having a piece of equipment in your home which can relieve many pains is appealing to many people, some of whom prefer to reach for the Biomat rather than reach for a medication.

The technology involved in these pads is perhaps a little complex as it requires 17 separate layers of different materials. The main principle of the mats though is; they convert through a layer of amethyst crystals, regular electricity to infrared rays with many of the other layers offering protection and insulation.

For convenience, Richway, one of the more popular Biomat producers, offer several different sizes that include a mini for use on isolated pain, a single for all over body relief, a queen for use with a Queen Size bed, a king for use with a King Size bed and a professional Biomat for use by medical staff. The Biomat King comes complete with a 1005 cotton quilt whilst the Biomat professional comes complete with both a 100% cotton pad and a hard shell carrying case. The Biomat professional is smaller than a single but is designed for medical staff to carry on out-patient visits, affording them more mobility. Whatever size you may choose, by regular use of a Biomat can improve your overall well-being and of course is always handy should you start to suffer from muscle or joint pain.