Try To Use A Balisong

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For you to be equipped to handle survival situations, one of the things that you should do is to get and learn how to use a knife. Instead of educating yourself on how to utilize any blade and getting any kind, you ought to study and make use of the balisong. It’s called butterfly knife in the US and it originated in the country called Philippines. Before, it was the Filipinos who just used the said type of blade but now different countries worldwide use it for law enforcement and self-defense. Compared to other knives, this type is a small one. It’s lightweight and pretty easy to carry. Though many placed around the world ban the use of balisong, you do have the option to buy and conceal one so that you would have something that you could use to defend yourself if ever you’d be threatened or attacked by a criminal. To check out some, you could visit But, of course, there are so many sites that have butterfly knives that are on display. Before you try to purchase any of the ones that are marketed, you ought to know a few things first. You should find out how to use such a knife and how to pick the best type of balisong blade for yourself.

Now, there are different types of butterfly knives that are sold. Some of them have one sharp edge while others have two edges that can cut through flesh. If you’re someone who’s a beginner at using a knife then you should buy a standard balisong which only has one sharp edge. If you have mastered the art of knifing then you can go for a unique type of butterfly blade. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, though, you should buy a knife only when the one that you’d check out would have features that are truly dependable in self-defense. For instance, instead of going for something that you could simply use to swing or stab, you should select the type of balisong that has strong bite and safe handles plus latch. That’s so what you’d own would not fail you in times when you’d be forced to make use of a knife to defend yourself or escape a dangerous situation. Of course, the sharpness of the blade matters so you should also pick the kind that has a sharp edge that isn’t used up. Once you already have a butterfly knife, though, you have to practice using it first. Don’t use a tool for self-defense if you’re unsure of how to use such so you have to learn how to properly wield a balisong before bringing one while you’re travelling.

Basically, when you’d use a knife for self-defense, you have to find out which parts of a person’s body a person should stab or cut in order for him or her to be free from being held by a person or to disarm an assailant who may or may not be holding a weapon of his or her own. Aside from knowing which parts of the body to hit during critical situations, you also have to educate yourself about the different techniques in thrusting or swinging so that you would get to effectively strike a person to remove weapons against you, retaliate or escape.